[7 Crucial Steps] to Add a Window to Your House

Adding a window to your home brings increased sunlight, overall brightness, and comfort to any home. There are important steps to take when installing or replacing a window in your home. Those who live in the Gilbert and Tucson areas can call upon the well-seasoned Affordable Windows of AZ to help with any window replacement projects and needs.
Window Replacement In Phoenix
Let’s take a look at the 7 crucial steps to adding a window to your home:

Do your research

It’s important to select the proper window based on the research that you do up front. This will include any building code requirements and secure any needed permits. You should also figure out where you would like the window to go from both an interior and exterior perspective. Think about the natural light that will be added to your home and also the layout of your things in the room.
It’s also important to determine the type of window you would like to install. There are many varieties and Affordable Windows of AZ can help you in making the best decision. There is also electrical wiring, plumbing, and any ductwork that needs to be considered.

Purchase or rent the materials you need

If tackling the project on your own, there are quite a few materials, tools, and pieces of equipment that you will need in order to successfully complete the job. These include proper studs, beams, shims, window casing, nails, a hammer, caulking gun, and more. Using a company like Affordable Windows of AZ for installation will save you time and money in collecting and ordering supplies.

Take accurate measurements

Take measurements twice to ensure accuracy in your numbers. The size of the installation spot will depend on the room in which you’re installing, what the other windows in your home are like, and other considerations. Affordable Windows of AZ can take care of all of this for you, as it can become somewhat confusing to a new window installer.
You will measure out the rough opening and then plan the window sizing itself. It’s important to order the window as soon as possible.

Cut an opening

You will need a good chunk of time to cut the opening and then remove any drywall or frame. There is going to be a lot of debris, so be sure to lay out the proper protection and keep the area restricted. Then you will follow the steps to cut the opening in your wall.
If that sounds like a lot of work, it’s a task for Affordable Windows of AZ.
Window Installation In Gilbert

Frame the window properly

Follow proper framing methods to ensure that the window will fit properly and you can plan for installation. You will then also determine if you need to further make adjustments to the wall opening.

Finish opening the wall

You will then need to open to the exterior by following the proper methods. Drill pilot holes from the inside at each order to locate the window opening. This will help you determine where to make the cut.

Place the new window

Lastly is placing the new window, using adhesives to secure, filling in any gaps, caulking to seal, and more. Following the manufacturer’s instructions for installation is best practice for the final part of the project.

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