[7 Tips] To Follow While Preparing Your Home For Window Installation

Now that you’ve decided to add or replace new windows, it’s time to properly prepare your home for window installation. This is to be sure that your installation will run as smoothly as possible. After you’ve followed the steps below, it’s time to work with a top contractor on the project to finish the job. Those who live in the Phoenix and Tucson areas can call upon the well-seasoned Affordable Windows of AZ to help with any window replacement projects and needs.
Window installation In Arizona
Here are 7 tips to follow while preparing your home for window installation:

Inspect your home

Check for any potential issues with the installation area including areas of mold growth or air leaks. Affordable Windows of AZ will also help with this. Also, check for any permits that you may need in order to move forward with home improvement.

Tell your neighbors

It’s important to let your neighbors know to expect home improvement work out of courtesy. Letting them know that there will be people in and out of the house, as well as noise and dust is important.

Schedule your installation

Be sure to consider your daily routine when scheduling your installation project so that it doesn’t interfere. Keep any pets or children away from the area in order to decrease project time and increase the safety of the installation as a whole.

Cover/remove any furniture from the area

You want to be sure that your furniture and decor is not damaged when the installation or replacement takes place. Move anything out of the way of the project both inside and outside of your home. Cover large pieces of furniture so that the dust does not settle.

Provide clear pathways

Provide clear access for installers to maneuver through your home. They will be carrying different pieces of equipment and your new window. You want to keep them away from any obstacles that could result in a fall or broken pieces.
Window replacement In Arizona

Remove any blinds or curtains

Take down the curtains and blinds that are covering the window you’re having worked on. The contractors will be careful, but it’s important to make their jobs easier by taking these steps beforehand. Also, remove any and all photos hanging on the wall that could fall.

Lay down floor protection

Window installation and window replacement are messy, so it’s important to lay drop cloths on the floor and in work areas. The contractors will likely lay down their own, however, in order to provide extra precaution, it’s a great idea for you to do so as well.
By following the steps listed above, you will be sure to create a safe, clean environment for a successful window installation project to occur.
By diminishing any possible obstacles, you are saving both time and money on the project as a whole. Everyone will be able to work efficiently and the end-product will show quality and care. Be sure to contact Affordable Windows of AZ to schedule your next window installation or replacement project.

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