How to Choose Energy-Efficient Windows

If you’re concerned with energy conservation near Mesa, you should invest in energy-saving windows and doors, and energy-efficient window installation or window replacement. Your local window company can offer a variety of energy-efficient window styles that can improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower your heating and cooling costs. Here is a simple guide to choosing energy-efficient home windows for your window installation or window replacement.
Look for Home Windows with a High Window Insulation Value 
The window insulation value of your home’s windows determines how energy-efficient the windows actually are. Your home can gain or lose heat through its windows, thus requiring your heating and cooling systems to work harder to maintain a comfortable, consistent temperature. Units called U-factors and R-value measure the effectiveness of the window insulation of energy-efficient windows. A U-factor measures the rate of heat transference through your home’s windows, and an R-value measures the resistance of the window glass to heat flow. You want the home windows that you choose for your window installation or window replacement to have a low U-factor and a high R-value.
Check the Window’s Energy Rating Label
Energy-efficient windows are labeled with an Energy Star label that displays the window’s energy ratings. The label provides the home window’s U-factor, R-value, solar heat gain coefficient, and visible transmittance. The label may also contain the results of testing for the glass window’s air leakage and condensation resistance. The solar heat gain coefficient measures how well windows for homes block the heat of the sun. The lower the number, the more energy-efficient the windows are.
Choose Your Glass Window’s Glazing Type and Frame Wisely
Before your window company completes a custom window installation, you will need to choose your glass window glazing type and window frame material. The type and thickness of window glass and glazing will affect the home windows’ energy efficiency. Double glass, triple glass, and quadruple glass all increase significantly in energy efficiency. Bronze-tinted window glazing or solar-control window film can also improve the energy efficiency of your home’s windows. Aluminum window frames with a thermal break are also more energy-efficient windows.

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