Energy-Efficient Windows

Enjoying Beautiful and High-quality Custom Windows in Gilbert, Chandler, or Mesa

Installing energy-efficient windows is a positive step toward a more comfortable and greener home. Today, you can attain amazing energy efficiency at home while also enjoying beautiful and high-quality custom windows in Gilbert, Chandler, or Mesa. Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors is pleased to offer a variety of home windows, house doors, and more to improve your home’s appearance and value while lowering its environmental impact.

Why You Should Consider Energy-Saving Windows

Energy-efficient windows can reduce your monthly energy bills and improve your comfort at home. If you are already considering replacement windows in Chandler, choosing energy-saving windows can offer the greatest return for your investment.

  • Windows are a significant source of heat transfer between your home and the outdoors. The more window glass your home incorporates, the more potential savings you can gain from replacing older windows with an energy-efficient product.
  • Energy-saving windows will also reduce strain on your HVAC system, ensuring your heating and cooling appliances last longer. This will help you save even more money on HVAC repair and replacement.
  • Sunlight can fade and damage many of the materials in your home. Energy-efficient windows block out UV light to protect your home and your belongings.

Advantages of Energy-Efficient Windows

Efficient windows will reduce your energy consumption and boost your comfort, and they can even help keep your appliances in shape. Here is a closer look at the advantages of energy-efficient windows:

  • Energy Savings – Energy-efficient windows are designed to reduce the amount of energy you use, and this efficiency will be converted into monetary savings. A window that is energy-efficient will be better able to prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays from heating up the interior of your home. This means that your cooling units will not have to work as hard, saving you energy and money.
  • Enhanced Comfort – In addition to enjoying a more affordable household or workplace, you can also count on being more comfortable when you install energy-efficient windows. By preventing excessive amounts of ultraviolet rays from entering your space, your windows will keep the temperature down throughout the warmer months of the year. This is important in both the home and the workplace and can affect both comfort and productivity.
  • Extended Working Life of Appliances – The less work your appliances have to do, the more efficient they will be. Windows that let ultraviolet rays heat up the home will work against your cooling appliances, forcing them to do extra work and demand more power. This can take its toll on your appliances, ultimately leading to a reduced lifespan. Your energy-efficient windows will have a protective effect that can instead extend the working lives of your appliances.

The Science Behind Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient window products are designed to reduce air and heat exchange between your home’s interior and the outside environment. This property improves their ability to insulate your home, reducing stress on your HVAC system for a more comfortable home and lower monthly energy costs. Energy-efficient windows use materials specifically chosen for their low heat transmission. The laws of thermodynamics state that heat travels from warmer areas to colder ones; low heat transmission means heat from the outdoors cannot transfer into your home through your windows in the summer, and your home’s warm indoor environment won’t radiate away into the outdoors during the winter. Low heat transmission through your home windows may be achieved via one or more design solutions.

  • Multiple panes of glass help to reduce heat transfer through the glass itself. The space between each pane and the next is typically filled with a gas, such as argon, with lower heat transmission properties than the ambient air.
  • UV light contains high-energy photons, which have a heating effect when sunlight enters your home through your windows. Reflective coatings improve energy efficiency by blocking UV light from incident sunlight, letting lower-energy photons inside for ambient light without the heating effect.

What Is the NFRC?

The NFRC, or the National Fenestration Rating Council, is an entity that seeks to help consumers choose the right windows and doors for their homes or workplaces. The NFRC label indicates that a product meets certain standards and will be effective in reducing your energy expenditures when used properly. If you are wondering about the validity of a supposedly energy-efficient product, look for the NFRC label.
If you’d like more information about energy-saving home windows and doors, please call Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors at (480) 736-2822 for additional product details or to schedule a visit for an installation estimate.

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