Find the mystery out of the window installation process [Step by Step]

With the right window installation in Phoenix project, you are enhancing your home’s visual appeal and its overall functionality and energy efficiency as well. But if not handled with the right window installation Tucson methods, they can transform your windows into portals for unwanted water and cold. If you want to successfully install energy efficient windows Arizona in your home or one that provides great appeal and value, follow these easy to do steps:
Window installation in Phoenix

1. Remove Window Trim and Casing

Your first step in achieving a successful window installation in Phoenix project is to remove the window trims and jamb extension from your old window through a pry bar.

2. Remove Old Window

Uninstall the window from the jamb using a screw and set it aside. Be gentle in the process so as not to remove the glass. If your window has numerous window sashes with movable tracks on its side, it would be best to remove one sash at a time.

3. Ready the New Window Opening

Now that your window has been removed, check the integrity of the window jamb to ensure there is no damage in it. Old windows tend to permit unwanted water, causing the jamb to rot. If you notice any form of rot damage, you will need to buy a new one or repair the damaged areas of the jamb before you can proceed to the next steps of your window installation Tucson. Additionally, you will have to measure your rough opening to ensure that it can fit perfectly with your new window. Ideally, your rough opening should be 1/4″ to 3/8″ bigger than your new window’s exterior measurements.

4. Window Stop

The window stop is a piece of wood surrounding the exterior side of the window jamb. The purpose of this piece of wood is to stop the window from slipping away from the opening. Simply put, it keeps the window in place. If the window stop is already in poor condition, you may need to repair or replace it to keep your energy efficient windows Arizona properly secured.
Energy efficient windows in Arizona

5. Window dry fitting

Just don’t put silicone on your window stop just yet as you will have to dry fit the window first to ensure that it fits in nicely. If it’s not fitted well, then you need to address it immediately and dry fit the window again. By this time, you will know that you have done things right if the window fits snugly into the opening. Never proceed with your window installation phoenix until you are happy with how your window fits with the opening.

6. Add Insulation

Gaps surrounding the original window frame are not uncommon and this would be the best time to improve the insulation properties of those places and make energy efficient windows in Arizona. If the gaps are quite wide, prepare portions of roll insulation and insert them into the gaps. You can also rely on expanding spray insulation foam for more efficient results.
To complete your window installation in Tucson, polish the window framing by filling out any nail holes with stainable/paintable wood putty and painting or staining the trim molding around the window for a more stylish result.

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