Replacement Windows Phoenix and Tucson AZ

When buying window replacements for your home, as a consumer you don’t want to ever have to go through the process a second time. Window replacement should be a one-time purchase. The quality of the product you chose is very important because of the harsh climate we live in. Quality frames, glass, wheels and overall structure are all things to pay attention to. There are many good reasons to replace your windows now. Homeowners that replace their windows save on average 35% and up to 40% on their electricity bills. Newer quality windows are built to last. No more struggling to get your window to open, looking out only to notice a dirty, foggy view on your glass, or burning your fingers on your frame or glass. They are now built to keep your home cool and the heat out, the frames and glass will be room temperature, so no more burning hot windows. No more feeling all the radiant heat old windows let into the rooms of your home. You can finally feel cool and your air conditioner will thank you. New quality windows are built so you no longer have to struggle to open and close your windows. Finally the obvious reason for replacement is to cosmetically improve your home and its curb side appeal. Window replacement is a huge benefit when going to sell your home and will help you with your resale value.
Windows have greatly improved in technology over years. Many companies are now offering several color options. Aragon gas and lowE have vastly improved within the last 5 years. There are several companies offering insulated frames now to maximize noise reduction and heat transfer benefits. Many are building windows with brass wheels; this solves the problem we have had in Arizona with trouble opening our windows. Brass wheels will last over the years and keep your windows sliding like new, unlike our past options of plastic nylon wheels that flatten out over time. Finding a company that can offer you a product really built for Arizona is important. Most companies will claim the product is built for this climate although it is being built and sold all over the United States. The best way to filter this and make sure you are choosing a product that will work in Arizona is to pick an Arizona company. This is not a deal breaker but certainly something to consider. If the company is centralized in Arizona you’re keeping your money in our state and supporting local businesses.
Of course there are some very important things to consider when purchasing replacement windows. The reputation and warranty the company you chose is offering you is one of them. There are many companies that deal in Arizona all offering “lifetime warranties”, and saying there products are “made for Arizona” leaving people wondering what to do.
The first step to get you going in the right direction is to do your research on a company’s reputation. Make sure they are licensed bonded and insured. You can easily do this by searching their company name in the ROC registry. I will attach a link you can visit that will take you straight to the ROC site where you can look up a company name and see if they have been licensed, bonded and insured and what their standing is with the ROC. The next step is to make sure they are a part of the BBB and check their rating. The BBB rates companies on a grade scale, the best grade being an A+, which is ideal. I will put a link up; as well for the BBB. You can read reviews online; Google Places is a great place to read unfiltered reviews from all types of situations. Google rates companies on a number scale from 1-5 stars, 5 being the best. Anything over 4 starts is exceptional.
After you feel good about the company research you have done. It is time to get a quote. Most companies offer free in home estimates. They will send out a representative from their company and show you working models and down to penny pricing, so you know what you’re looking at price wise as well as being fully educated on what product you are considering purchasing. There are many companies, products and a range of pricing out there. Remember, just because it is the most expensive product doesn’t mean it is the best. Middle of the road is normally the safest way to go in the window industry. You get quality for the best price if you do the right research, meet the right companies and ask the right questions.

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