Terms to Know When Shopping for New Windows

If you are planning to start a home improvement project for the summer season, you may want to consider installing new residential windows. A company that offers vinyl replacement windows in Chandler can help you choose new windows that will boost the energy efficiency of your home, while also improving the curb appeal of your property. From vinyl replacement windows to energy efficient windows and more, your installation team will be able to provide you with a wide assortment of brand new windows for your house. To help you get started on shopping for new windows, here is a look at some key window terms.
Heat Gain and LossĀ 
When you are shopping for new windows, it is a great idea to learn about how heat gain and loss work. The terms heat gain and heat loss are used to describe the amount of heat that is conducted through the glass of a window. A replacement window product that has a low heat gain will be able to keep you cooler, even on the hottest days of the year.
As you are selecting new replacement windows for your property, you may also encounter the term U-factor. The U-factor of a window correlates to the amount of non-solar heat that is transmitted through its surface. Non-solar heat is any type of heat that is not generated through UV radiation. When you are seeking a window that offers excellent energy efficiency, you will want to shop for a product that has a low U-factor.
Visible Transmittance
Finally, you may also need to learn the term visible transmittance when you are seeking new replacement windows for your home. Visible transmittance relates to the amount of visible sunlight that is transferred through window glass. If you are shopping for new windows that provide your home with shade and privacy, you will want to find replacement windows that offer a low level of visible transmittance.

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