[Types of Windows]: Replacement Window Buying Guide

Choosing the best replacement windows for your home can be slightly tricky when it comes to all of the different options you have to choose from. Affordable Windows of Arizona can help when it comes to window replacement in Gilbert, Tucson, and all of Phoenix. Having an expert team that can walk you through the steps of purchasing your windows and guides you on the different choices you have to make, will make a huge difference in the outcome of your renovation project.
Replacement windows In Arizona
Let’s look at the different types of windows in this replacement window buying guide:

First, you should know

There are windows that are dedicated to replacement projects, and there are windows for new construction projects. Be sure to pick the appropriate choice of the two. If there’s an existing window frame and you’re simply replacing the window, you won’t need an option with a nailing fin. If you’re replacing your windows and the frame needs to be replaced as well, then go for the new construction option.
There are also windows that are operable, meaning that they are able to be opened, or there are fixed windows that can’t be opened. Glazing on a window refers to the glass or the actual method in which the glass is to be secured to the frame.

Next, let’s look at the different window styles

Consider all of the factors that come into play when choosing the windows for your home. Things like the style you prefer, what your budget is, how you would like the windows to function, ventilation, and maintenance. Will the windows add to the aesthetic of the room or are you simply installing to serve a strictly functional purpose?

Single-hung windows

On these windows, only the lower sash of the window is operable. For ease of maintenance, there are some models that allow you to pivot the glass for cleaning the exterior.

Double-hung windows

These are operable on both the upper and lower sash and are known to be more classic in look. The different movement of the windows allows different temperatures of air to flow in and out. This type of window also has some models that allow for easier cleaning with an inward tilting.

Accent windows

These have a rectangular look, or they come in a different shape like an octagon. This is a fixed window meaning that it cannot be opened. They are usually added for visual appeal and additional light.
Double-hung windows

Sliding windows

These are the windows that slide horizontally on the tracks. You can open these windows for ventilation and you can easily control how far open you would like them to be.

Basement hopper windows

These windows have a hinge on the bottom part and are opened from the top, providing airflow to spaces like the basement. You will usually see these installed lower on the exterior of homes.

Glass block windows

These windows are made of individual blocks with thick glass. They are meant to provide light while still allowing for privacy. Some of these are installed with a small built-in vent for airflow.

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